As the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rolls out its long anticipated Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) regulations, many carriers find themselves struggling to understand the long term implications, much less the basics. Maintaining their history of industry leadership, Maverick Transportation, LLC has been preparing for these regulations since 2008 when the carrier first began educating their fleet and taking steps to prepare for the sweeping changes that went into effect December 2010.

"We began educating our drivers and our customers long before most in the industry realized what a game changer these regulations would actually turn out to be," said Maverick‟s Vice President of Safety and Driving Training Dean Newell. Newell, who was named 2010 National Safety Director of the Year by the American Trucking Associations added, "the fact that we were talking about these changes long before most certainly gives our organization added credibility."

"CSA is just one piece of what I like to call the regulatory "trifecta‟ that the transportation industry is currently experiencing," said Maverick Chairman and CEO Steve Williams. "CSA, along with Hours of Service and mandatory Electronic OnBoard Recorders (EOBR) have our industry in a state of inevitable transformation."

Williams, who has a long history of being involved on the front lines of legislation and regulations that affect the trucking industry added, "A lot has been said about CSA 2010 and now CSA. Shippers, carriers and drivers that underestimate the impact of this program do so at their own peril. CSA not only holds the driver accountable but also the carriers and shippers. For the last two years, FMCSA has been collecting and scoring the behavior of carriers and drivers. In the months ahead, FMCSA will methodically engage the drivers and carriers whose scores are not satisfactory and some of those carriers and drivers will have the opportunity to change their behaviors. Many will simply lose their privilege to operate. Estimates are that it will eventually eliminate 300,000 drivers from the workforce."

With such far-reaching implications, Maverick recognized the need to proactively educate shippers and hosted a conference in April 2010 at their corporate office in Little Rock, AR called Trucking's Transformation: The Next Chapter.


In conjunction with CSA regulations, Maverick is one of five major carriers that recently supported legislation to federally mandate the use of EOBRs "Simply put, the mandatory use of EOBRs will hold everyone accountable for building a supply chain that is sustainable," said Williams. "This isn‟t a time to lower expectations. It is time for us to understand that we are going to have to invest in solutions that have strategic value for companies, our economy, our environment and public safety."


Based in Little Rock, Arkansas and operating over 1,200 units, Maverick has 30 years of experience serving the flatbed, glass, dry van, and temperature controlled transportation markets throughout North America. To learn more visit their website at